checker ATM security General Features

In this section you can find a list with the main features of our ATM security solution, checker ATM security. You may also see how it compares to other products in the market in this ATM Security Solutions competitive analysis.

Comprehensive protection of the ATM

  • Protection against running of unauthorized software
  • Protection against day zero threats and never before seen threats
  • Whitelisting technology
  • No false positives
  • Protection against unauthorized use of libraries and drivers
  • Protection against unauthorized use of peripheral devices
  • Protection against unauthorized access to files and folders in the ATM
  • Protection against running unauthorized java code
  • Protection against unauthorized access to Windows registry
  • Integrity verification executable files, libraries and drivers
  • Integrity verification of every file in the ATM
  • Embedded firewall to control communications for each process
  • Unified policies for firewall and applications control
  • Access control customizable depending on the user
  • Customizable keyboard control
  • Control of generic users and weak passwords
  • Allows log-only working mode
  • Data Card Track 2 local writing detection

ATM Full Hard Disk Drive encryption

  • High performance, comparable to efficiency of a non-encrypted system
  • Unattended booting of encrypted ATMs based on ATM detection, network detection or both
  • No extra hardware needed
  • No downtime during encryption process
  • Encryption process remotely commanded from checker console
  • Factory encryption: Disks can be encrypted in factory and then delivered for installation
  • Disaster recovery of encrypted HD (key recovery)

Security policies

  • Comprehensive control of ATM protection through security policies
  • Policy editing module embedded in console
  • Supports automatic definition of policies through self-learning
  • Export/Import of policies in XML files
  • Comprehensive management of version control and configuration
  • Signed policy files
  • Centralized deployment of policies
  • Policy update on-the-fly
  • Policy update programed from console

Auditing and monitoring

  • Local auditing registry in file, syslog and Windows Event log
  • Centralized auditing registry in database
  • Integrated net security dashboard
  • Real time centralized event monitoring
  • Event log queries
  • Centralized generation of unified reports
  • Management based upon profiles. Pole segregation
  • Native support for integration with other monitoring tools

Agent management

  • Centralized updating of agent software
  • Automatic registration of agents in the net
  • Remote activation and deactivation of agents
  • Authenticated, encrypted communication between server and agents
  • Does not require changes in the client’s computer

Other features

  • Multivendor agent
  • All-in-one product
  • Agent for Windows NT (NT4.0 SP6)
  • Agent for Windows XP (SP1, SP2, SP3, Embedded)
  • Agent for Windows 2000
  • ATM RAM memory (minimum required for installing the agent): 128 MB
  • ATM Hard Drive space (minimum required for installing the agent): 30 MB
  • High availability server mode (active/active and active/passive)
  • Server certified for working with Oracle database
  • Server certified for working with DB2 UDB and DB2 zOS database
  • Server certified for working with SQL Server database
  • Server certified for working with MySQL database
  • Offers joint licenses and maintenance
  • Protection mechanism against uninstalling of the software
  • Spy mode for identifying attack patterns


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