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ATM Logical Security: the day after

ATM Logical Security: the day after
November 03rd 2015
Read GMV’s advertorial about “ATM Logical Security: the day after ”. Written by Juan Jesús León Cobos Director of New Products and Developments – GMV Secure e-Solutions.

GMV collaboration with EUROPOL in its ATM Cyberattack Guide

GMV collaboration with EUROPOL in its ATM Cyberattack Guide
November 3rd 2015
Europol has cooperated actively with the European ATM Security Team (EAST), a group of which the multinational GMV is a member, to draw up a guide called “Guidance and Recommendations regarding Logical attacks on ATMs”

GMV’s ATM cyberfraud solutions in London

GMV’s ATM cyberfraud solutions in London
October 16th 2015
ATM Security 2015 is Europe’s most important ATM security and fraud congress, now clocking up its 15th year, once more with the participation of GMV and other major security companies.

GMV Collaborates in ATMIA’S ATM Software Security Best Practices Guide

GMV Collaborates in ATMIA’S ATM Software Security Best Practices Guide
October 1st 2015
By publishing this guide GMV and the Security Council of the ATM Industry Association (ATMIA) are helping to raise awareness about the ATM cyberattack threat

ATM in russia

Severgazbank takes up checker ATM Security®
September 30th 2014
The Russian banking company Severgazbank, mindful of this problem, has found in checker ATM Security® the ideal ATM security-hardening solution, setting up GMV’s security tool in its whole network of almost 600 ATMs.

logo PCI DSS

Checker ATM Security® Meets the PCI DSS standards.
July 28th 2014
Checker ATM Security® has recently been assessed by PCI QSA NTT Security, which has found that it amply meets all ATM-related PCI DSS requirements.

ATMs and windows xp

Are ATMs safe with Windows XP? In Spanish Only
¿Son seguros los cajeros con Windows XP?
May 9th 2014
Article written by Juan Jesús León Cobos Product Manager, about the ATM security with Windows XP.
Published on Ausbanc Magazine

juan jesus leon cobos. The case of ATM hard disk encryption

The case of ATM hard disk Encryption
November 2013
Read GMV’s account of  how the latest trend in malware-based cyber-attacks, concentrates on bypassing existing cyber-protection and how checker ATM security´s new  Hard Disk Encryption can protect from against this threat. Written by Juan Jesús León Cobos GMV Director of New Products and Developments

Pedro Celis about checker ATM security

Interview with the expert. How checker ATM Security was born.
Interview of Pedro Celis, Product Manager in GMV’s New Developments and Products Unit.


Interview to Andres Escobero at ATMIA US 2012

ATMIA US 2012: Fighting cyber attacks at the ATM
Interview of Andrés Escobero, GMV's Vice President - Secure e-Solutions North America. GMV showcased its anti-cyber crime software at the ATMIA US 2012 conference

Rafael Navajo explains ATM crime

Over 90% of attacks come from the inside
Rafael Navajo explains the current ATM crime situation and how to combat it with GMV’s inhouse development checker, specially designed for financial self-service systems and already boasting a 30% market share in Spain and 70% in Latin America.

GMV sponsors ATMIA

GMV Sponsors Global ATM Industry Association
ATMIA announced today that GMV has become a global sponsor of the association.

GMV at ATM Security London

checker success in London
On 18 and 19 October London hosted the ATM Security 2011 Congress, giving sector experts a chance to meet up with each other, exchange points of view and discuss the burning issues.

Security in ATMs

Security in the ATM network
News has recently broken in the USA of the arrest of a Bank of America employee for the theft of customer data by injecting malware into the bank’s ATM network.

checker White paper

WhitePaper checker ATM Security

From skimming to  logical fraud, the up coming ATM and kiosk risk

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