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  • Mannheim 0

    GMV opens its doors to the University of Mannheim

    As part of their week-long Madrid study visit a group of 27 students from one of Germany’s flagship research centers, the University of Mannheim, visited GMV’s head office on 25 April 2017. ...
  • GMV driving technology and data management at Valladolid Polytechnic University

    Techfest: Driving technology and data management

    Data are an increasingly prized and coveted source of information in the business world. Many researchers are now working flat out to extract information of interest, helping in decision-making procedures and bringing great benefits to companies and institutions. On 2 to 4 May the ...
  • Lucid 0

    GMV is running a test campaign with the LUCID rover

    GMV is leading the ESA-funded LUCID (Lunar Scenario Concept Validation and Demonstration) project, the aim of which is to evaluate the combination of necessary techniques and tools to allow a Lunar Prospector Rover (LPR) to operate efficiently within the environmental and operational ...
  • GMV at the Transforming Innovation Policies Conference

    Industry 4.0 and game-changing innovation policies

    In the Transforming Innovation Policies Conference organized by the Innovating Companies Forum (Foro de Empresas Innovadoras), Luis Fernando Álvarez-Gascón, CEO of GMV Secure e-Solutions, tabled the need for innovation to be dealt with as an affair of state by means of a pact ...
  • GMV showcases its range of technological services and solutions at the EUPF Seminar 2017

    In New York GMV displays its technology range to UN agencies

    GMV has taken part in the 14th Annual EU-UN Procurement Seminar, held in New York’s Cervantes Institute, showcasing its range of cybersecurity, software-development, data analytics/big data and telemedicine solutions to various UN and World-Bank agencies. The GMV delegation, ...
  • ASETRA_0

    Moviloc hailed on Transport Night

    On 6 April GMV attended and sponsored Segovia's 16th Annual Transport Business Prize-Giving Ceremony (XVI ceremonia anual del Galardón Empresarial del Transporte). This event is organized by Madrid's Vehicle-Workshop Association (Asociación de Talleres de Madrid: ASETRA), an association ...
  • GMV shares its industrial cybersecurity expertise

    GMV shares its industrial cybersecurity expertise

    Cyberattacks are on the increase and are here to stay. In this scenario Spain is a clear target at the level of companies, institutions and government authorities. For this very reason industry professionals acknowledged at the 360º Industry Security Conference that they are ...