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ESAW 2017

Darmstadt (Germany)

Following on from the success of former workshops, the European Space Agency’s Operations Centre (ESA / ESOC) in Darmstadt, Germany, will be holding the sixth European Ground System Architecture Workshop (ESAW) 2017 on 20 and 21 June 2017 under the direction of ESA’s Human Spaceflight and Operations Directorate.

In this year’s workshop GMV will be presenting 3 papers and 1 poster:

- In the OneWeb Megaconstellation Session a paper called “Architecting a Massive Satellite Constellation Ground System” by Enrique Fraga.

- In the EGS-CC & EGS-CC based Ground Data Systems Session a paper called “EGS-CC UIF: The Next Generation of User Interfaces for European Ground Segment M&C” by Alfredo Rumbero

- In the “Security” Session a paper called “Accounting Activities in Operational Networks” by Julio Vivero

- The poster, titled “Integrating TOPE with EGS-CC” by Rui Barradas Pereira, Daniel Santos and Fátima Reis


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