European Conference on Space Debris 0

7th European Conference on Space Debris

Darmstadt (Germany)

GMV will have an upfront role in the 7th European Conference on Space Debris, to be held from 18 to 21 April 2017 in ESA/ESOC, Darmstadt, Germany.

To improve our understanding of the space debris environment, assess related risks, mitigate its growth, and control its stability, a multitude of technical disciplines is required. Many of these will be addressed in the course of this conference by recognized experts in their fields.

GMV, as one of the undisputed European leaders in providing services to deal with the space-debris threat, will be giving two posters and 5 papers. GMV will also be running a stand in the conference to showcase Space Surveillance and Tracking solutions including telescope and radar sensor tasking- and data-processing, object cataloguing, conjunction prediction and collision risk assessment, re-entry prediction and in-orbit fragmentation detection.

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